Interview with Sharon on the power and purpose of Gratitude! 


GRATICISE™ 365 - 4 Steps to Exercising Gratitude Daily

For those looking to amp up your gratitude practice, Graticise™ 365 keeps you going all year long, with results that will expand your gratitude muscle!  

Just as you see results when you workout physically, you will see results how practicing these daily exercises lead you to experience some truly amazing, life-changing results. 

Thursday's Note is for anyone wishing to experience more Gratitude. This book provides one full year of pausing each week to connect or reconnect with someone in your life through a heartfelt Thank You Note. This experience can radically change your relationships, mend strained connections and fill you with a renewed sense of belonging to a beautiful and vast world. 

Gratitude is a powerful tool.

It can change your moment, your experience, your job, your love, your friendships, your life!  With as little as five minutes a day of intentional awareness, your Gratitude practice will become ingrained in every hour of your day. With The 28 Day Gratitude Workout book or course you can practice different exercises daily, and strengthen your gratitude muscle

Need Some Gratitude Inspiration?

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Do you know what your Gratitude Fitness level is?

I've created this Grati-Fit™ test to help you identify and focus on areas in your life which might need a Gratitude shift. Current research continues to reveal the ways in which exercising gratitude benefits our emotional, mental and physical health - and the practice extends to all areas of our lives.

Download and take this short quiz to find out what areas need your Gratitude attention today!